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Loving, Serving and Giving

LOVING, SERVING, GIVING        FEBRUARY As we welcome the month of February, we can’t help but think about Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love and romance. Most of us primarily think about surprising loved ones with roses and chocolates, but we can also think

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Welcome Healthy New Year!

Welcome to a healthy 2015! As the holiday celebrations pass, and we prepare for a new year, let’s focus on positive change and be grateful for all our blessings of the past year. It’s time for a new start, and with that usually comes a lot of

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Welcome to

Life is about movement, vitality and life! Our aim at DancingSpine is to enhance your life experience by getting your brain and body more connected. We offer gentle dance, chiropractic and yoga based exercises to get your body in balance, more flexible and strong so you can

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