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Life is about movement, vitality and life! Our aim at DancingSpine is to enhance your life experience by getting your brain and body more connected.

We offer gentle dance, chiropractic and yoga based exercises to get your body in balance, more flexible and strong so you can stay dancing for life.

Our mission is to serve those who want more life out of life.

We offer customised vitalistic stretch, strengthening and relaxation techniques to improve health, vitality, alignment, energy and vitality. The sessions are based on principles of chiropractic, yoga and alignment aimed to harmonize  your mind and destress your body.

We focus on enhancing and developing that which is natural and already perfect in your body. We aim to bring harmony by working with natural laws that respect your self healing and self developing nature.

Dr. Angela Grove combines her experience as chiropractor, ballet dancer, yoga enthusiast and lover of life to vitalize your body, renew your energy and  relax your mind.

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