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Webster Technique & Chiropractic Frederick

Webster Technique is available in Frederick, Md at Dancingspine Chiropractic, Dr. Angela Grove, Chiropractor

We get many calls from expecting moms and referrals from OB GYNs and midwifes asking us if we are familiar with the Webster Technique, a technique that the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends for all pregnant women. The answer is yes. We care for many pregnant women from early days to delivery.  Since we care for couples and families, we are most often providing chiropractic care for families even before pregnancy.

Webster technique is a gentle chiropractic technique designed to address the stressors placed on a pregnant woman’s spine and pelvis. In the present day, we often hear stories of birth complications, long labors or delivery, or unexpected C-sections. Why are risky birth interventions the new norm in modern day child birth?

One answer may lie in the daily stressors of modern life. Women and men sit for long hours behind a computer screen. We drive and commute each day, often sitting in the same position for hours and hours. We are not moving, walking and bending or reaching like our ancestors did. Is sitting too much affecting women’s spines and pelvic alignment? Is this contributing to difficulties with pregnancy or even our fertililty?

We can all agree that the spine and brain are vital parts of the body whose health and integrity are essential for a normal life. Would it make sense to optimize the spine so as to optimize nerve function and communication? This is the purpose of the Webster Technique.

The focus of the Webster Technique is on reducing subluxation, optimizing spinal and pelvic alignment and reducing tension on pelvic ligaments that may be influence the baby’s position as well as growth and development. 

For more information on how Webster Technique can help you during pregnancy or pregnancy and chiropractic, please call Dancingspine Chiropractic on 301-660-7511

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