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As the 4th of July approaches, remember to care for your spine! With sports, busy schedules, BBQs and all the active lives we love in the summer, we can often neglect the healthy of the most important system in the body, our spine and nervous system.

Visit our practice and discover the benefits of chiropractic care for you and your loved ones.

Most people know very little about the role of the spine and its close connection with health, the immune system and well-being.

At Dancingspine Chiropractic, Dr. Angela Grove, chiropractor, will help you understand the link between posture, spinal alignment and your health. Dr. Grove has over 15 years of experience and will make you feel comfortable with gentle, hands on adjustments. She is certified in the Webster technique by the International Pediatric Association. This technique is often requested for pregnant women to help optimize pelvic alignment to prepare for an easier labor and delivery. Dr. Grove regularly attends Dynamic Essentials Chiropractic Seminars in Atlanta, GA to learn from the best chiropractors around the country about research, technique, and family centered chiropractic care.

If you would like to take advantage of our July special, please call (301) 660-7511 to make an appointment. Please mention this post to get the military discount.

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A better spine means more health and life!