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Shine bright in health & love

While observing a dear friend of the family who is terminally ill, I made a realization that there is little in life more valuable than health and love. Feeling sad and heartbroken over his suffering, and observing the love and service of his wife whom I have known for many years, I was both touched and saddened by their situation. I personally never want to see anyone or anything suffer, and this man now is certainly suffering tremendously. Having undergone very painful chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, and then some experimental procedures to try to rid his body of the disease, his body and spirit are weak. He is taking so many medications and basic things like eating, taste, walking and going to the bathroom are difficult trials. Though his treatments may have kept him alive,  I question if this type of ‘living’ is truly what he signed up for.

Life is precious. We can not take it for granted. Health is so important. I heard before that your health affects all of those around you. It is true. This man’s health affects his loved ones and friends. My parents visit with him most days and although they are strong, it certainly must affect their psyche and their thoughts on their own mortality.

I pray for this family. I told him to be peaceful. That is my wish for his last days. I left that evening feeling pretty down. This family has already downsized, sold their big house, most of their furniture and are preparing for the end…and what is left in the end? What really matters in life if you can live in health and love? I’m sure one could forever be searching for meaning in altered states of existence, but really when it comes to life, all that matters and all we can ever have are health and love. Health is like the light in our body and love is like the light in our soul. It is obvious that this man is losing the light which animates his body, but it is sad that the course is also  dimming the light of the spirit and love within.

Shine bright! Focus on these two very important lights and watch your life get brighter.

In Health,

Angela Grove , DC

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