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May there be light!

 May there be light!

We welcome the month of May, a month of growth and light as Spring continues to blossom.

May has long been one of my favorite months for a few reasons, One reason is the obvious growth and awakening that we see in nature. The world comes alive and there is an excitement that happens with warmer days, more sunshine and the invigorating colors that appear  in the grass, trees, and flowers. But what I notice mostly are the longer days and the brighter light. For me, May is the month of light. This makes everything seem more alive or awake. Not only is our environment waking up from a long dark winter, but so are our bodies, minds and spirits.

Through my work as a chiropractor, I’ve met and worked with many people who are living in a state of ‘less light’. I’ve cared for adults and seniors as well as newborns and children who are not fully expressing complete health. I’ve checked children and adults who are living with the ‘dimmer’ switch on half way versus 100%. There are others  who seem ‘numb’ and unfocused, perhaps from long term use of medications, poor lifestyle habits and bad posture. These individuals are living with less health and vitality. They are not fully expressing their innate potential for life.

In chiropractic, we call this state of less light or reduced life expression ‘subluxation’. Subluxations are areas within the nervous system where your life force, or innate potential is blocked due to nerve pressure or spinal misalignment.  If you break down the word subluxation,  it actually means ‘a state of less light’ (sub means ‘less’, lux means light, ation means “a state of’).

The fundamental aim of chiropractic is to reduce subluxation and bring you in a state of more light, connection and life.

Let your light flourish during this period of growth by getting your spine checked for subluxation. Getting adjusted means you get clear so your light can be fully shine. This means you have a greater chance of full health, more energy and improved vitality.

We look forward to serving you more light during the month of May.