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How long do I need to see the chiropractor?

Do I need to see a Chiropractor forever?

This is a frequently asked question. The answer is simple. Its your choice. Seeing a chiropractor is a healthy lifestyle habit. You can stop at anytime just like you can stop eating a good diet, or exercising.

Our vision at Dancingspine is to provide those we serve with a means to create and live a life of full life expression.  A life which is fully expressed is a fulfilled and abundant life which includes complete health and well being. We want our practice members to stay healthy for an entire lifetime. This is why we encourage healthy choices throughout life. Chiropractic is a healthy lifestyle choice. Its a habit which can assure for a healthier future.

Healthy lifestyle choices means practicing good habits like getting proper rest, having a good diet, regular exercise, maintaining a positive mental outlook and maintaining a health spine. If you continue with good habits for a lifetime then you are more likely to stay healthy for a lifetime! But often times, the nerve system and spine is only cared for in times of aches and pains. This leads to decline in the fundamental healing and power source in the body. Why would you want to overlook something which is so important?

If you feel great eating a healthy diet would you want to stop? If regular exercise makes you feel more energetic, strong and happy, would you want to discontinue? Once people achieve health, it makes sense to maintain it.

It is always up to you how much you want to benefit from chiropractic care. In our office, we educate our patients about the importance of keeping the spine in good alignment for a lifetime, not just when it hurts. This is why most of our patients come in to get to get their spines checked on a regular basis even when they don’t experience aches or pains.

Once the spine and subluxations are corrected, the regularity of chiropractic care varies. I personally get adjusted weekly or more often and this is what I would recommend for my family.

Others base the frequency of chiropractic care on an individual’s stress levels…. Some people with high physical workloads, like bricklayers and carpenters, or those who sit all day at work get adjusted weekly too. Physical stresses like long hours of driving or sitting at a desk are often worse for the spine than heavy lifting so beware! Sitting too much puts a huge load on the nerves of the low back and neck. Because most of of sit too long and with poor posture, people start building serious spinal damage. The body is so intelligent that it builds itself sick due to our poor posture and lifestyle habits. Some people who have less physical and mental stress choose to be adjusted monthly or twice per month. This is a good way to maintain health and prevent spinal problems once correction is achieved. In an ideal world and as mentioned before, I would choose weekly adjustment for myself and my family.

Choose health and get adjusted regularly.

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