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Healing for Life

 Well Adjusted for Life

“Healing is not just the removal of symptoms, it is the return to life and the living of it.”
~ Dr. Ian, Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic, Australia 

I saw a powerful video recently about a 17 year old young man who injured his spine while doing yard work. He had attempted to remove a tree stump and had been pulling on the tree’s roots. His life was drastically altered in a profoundly negative way. He was getting worse and worse, losing the ability to function, walk, move and live normally. He was not only in pain but unable to perform simple activities like walking, moving or standing up straight. His back injury not only negatively altered his lifestyle and mental well being but also his family’s lifestyle and happiness. There was a tremendous amount of worry and stress if this young man would ever have a normal life again.

Fortunately, this young man discovered chiropractic. His life was transformed within days as the power was restored to his body and soul. His height increased approximately 12 inches as he was able to stand and walk normally. He smiled and laughed again and his father shed tears of joy that his son was back to living a full life again.

The video had a big impact on me as it demonstrated the vital role the spine has to life. Having good health is not just about preventing pain but fully participating in life and all its activities. It showed how essential the little things are in life. Things we take for granted like walking, moving, basic functions and our health affect so many things. Our health is not just about us, but about others too. Our health affects the well being of everyone around us including our loved ones, friends, work colleagues and classmates.

Please take a look at his inspiring video. Be grateful for your and your family’s health. Take measures to assure a healthy spine not only for the now but for the future.