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Chiropractic began as a way for achieve more health

Frederick MD Chiropractor discusses Chiropractic’s Beginnings and how Chiropractic’s True Purpose was to Connect People to Life and Vitality.

 Vitalistic Chiropractic – Connection to Source

In the words of B. J. Palmer

By Dr. Angela Grove, Frederick Md Chiropractor Tel:  301-660-7511

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895 by D.D. Palmer.

B.J. Palmer, his son, was the developer of chiropractic, a pioneer who pushed the chiropractic profession forward as a triune of philosophy, science and art.

In its early days, Chiropractic was not designed as a treatment for back pain or neck pain. It did not focus on relieving symptoms or backache, but focused on increasing life, health, and vitality. The aim was to restore the connections and communication in the body so the body could function in a state of balance and harmony. Chiropractic’s purpose was to enhance life and human potential by keeping the nerves clear of interference.

B. J. Palmer was ahead of his time in his understanding of life, health, and universal principles. He wrote and spoke extensively about a higher governing intelligence which gave life to matter and animated living beings. Throughout his life, Palmer promoted these ideas of a universal intelligence and an innate intelligence that resided in all living things. It was this inner intelligence which was responsible for creation, life, energy and the maintenance of health and well -being. Chiropractic, as developed by B. J. Palmer, aimed at helping the body to connect to this intelligence so it could heal, function and work smoothly.

Today, chiropractic has deviated from its origins. Chiropractic has been pigeon holed as a treatment for back or neck problems, headaches, sciatica or other symptoms. If chiropractic was practiced in the way in which it was designed then it would be seen as an essential habit for health. It would be viewed as a vital tool to enhance life and improve the human experience.

The following passage summarizes true chiropractic as it was intended;

“The Chiropractic principle is simple. Innate brain possesses knowledge and know-how to generate UNDERSTANDING of HOW to run ALL functions of a living body; transmit innate mental impulse from brain through nerves to ALL parts of its body, where it performs action EXACTLY as innate sent it forth to do, expressing intelligent motion, life, and health. If there be interference between brain and body because of a specific vertebral subluxation, producing pressure upon nerves, Reducing carrying capacity, Reducing normal quantity flow of mental impulse supply, the liver, spleen, or any organ, viscera, or tissue of the body slows down speed of action per unit of time, and dis-ease begins to exist and grow. Reversal of this process is equally true. If the specific vertebral subluxation is correctly adjusted, interference is released, pressure is eliminated, carrying capacity Restored to normal, tissue cell is Re-established, and life and health begin to regrow back to normal. All this is directed, controlled, and performed by INNATE INTELLIGENCE. This is THE premise, THE principle and practice OF CHIROPRACTIC, WHICH EVERY CHIROPRACTOR KNOWS, lives and prospers by because his BUSINESS is getting SICK people WELL, and this IS THE ONLY WAY this can be done–via, through, and WITH the aid and help of Innate Intelligence.”

BJP Fame and Fortune Vol. XXXIII

Chiropractic for more life.

Chiropractic for more life.

The words of  B.J. Palmer are simple. The principles are easy to understand. We are designed for health. If the intelligence within the body is clear and freely flowing then healing and health naturally result.

But the goal of chiropractic is much more than optimal health. The intention of Palmer’s chiropractic is one that involves full life expression in all forms, namely physical, spiritual, social and emotional states. This type of chiropractic facilitates a connection to our full human potential as loving, creative and connected beings.

The time is now for the world to know the vitalistic role of chiropractic.

Do we simply want pain relief or do we want improved life, vitality and a connection to that essential source that keeps us alive and ticking?

Written by Dr. Angela Grove, Vitalistic Chiropractor. Dr. Grove is a chiropractor in Frederick, MD and practices at Dancingspine Chiropractic in downtown Frederick.