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What is vitalistic chiropractic care?

Vitalistic chiropractic care focuses on optimizing the most powerful life source within you.

It is chiropractic care that works to optimize the life force or power within your body. This power starts in the brain. All life flows from here, down and through the spine out to all organs, muscles and cells in the body. Your ‘power system’ is also known as your nervous system. It is the most important system in your body.

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We focus on tuning up the power system so you can function at 100%. We don’t treat pain or diagnose problems other than those that involve nerve pressure or interference to the power flow within you.

Our job is to clear out the nerve interference, maintain that corrected state long enough so that the body starts healing and working as it was designed to work.

Health happens naturally when the power system is turned on and clear of interference.