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Complimentary Exams for Children in May

Active children need healthy spines to grow and stay healthy

Active children need healthy spines to grow and stay healthy

In my practice as a chiropractor, I’ve seen many children with poor posture and an alarming array of health issues from ADHD to asthma and allergies, seizures, reflux, migraines and headaches to delayed growth and development and abnormal gait/ crawl. Many parents don’t realize the relationship of the spine to health. Poor posture amongst children is an epidemic. Add sports and birth trauma and your child’s risk of illness and poor health increases. Are drugs the answer? Most parents prefer conservative and natural ways to address their child’s health.

During the month of May, Dancingspine Chiropractic is offering free chiropractic exams for children under 18.

Our goal is a community of life, health and love expressed. How can we grow to our full potential when our source of life, the spine and nervous system, has stress and interference?

Dr. Angela Grove, chiropractor at Dancingspine Chiropractic, focuses on removing the spinal interference. Misaligned spinal bones shut off the normal healthy communication within the body. Once restored normal function and health happens.

Call Dancingspine Chiropractic in Frederick on (301) 660-7511 to make an appointment for your child. Offer is valid until 5/31/16. Limited availability.

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