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Chiropractic’s True Purpose

Many people ask me about the history of chiropractic. Did you know that chiropractic was not originally known as a treatment for back ache or back pain? When chiropractic was discovered in 1895 and later developed, the intention was to locate and correct vertebral subluxations for life enhancement and nothing else.  The intent of the chiropractic adjustment was to restore the connection between the brain and the body so life functions could flow and work as nature intended.

Since the spine is the communication highway between the brain and the body, spinal alignment became the focus of chiropractic. Its fairly easy to see how not only the public, but even chiropractors, got confused in the true purpose of chiropractic. Later, when health insurance usage became common practice, the public and chiropractors became more separated from chiropractic’s true purpose due to the restrictions within the health insurance industry.

Health insurance began to restrict care which enhanced health and well being. The following statement by Medicare, which is similar to those of many health insurance providers, demonstrates how they wanted to limit the type of care upon which chiropractic was  founded;

“Care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong and enhance the quality of life, is not considered medically necessary. ” Medicare (MCM 2251.3)

Chiropractic care promotes health and enhances the quality of life.  By improving the connections within your spine, normal body functions like healing, cell repair and immunity is enhanced. Health and healing occurs when nerve function is working optimally. Everyone, young and old is better off having their spines checked and cleared of vertebral subluxations.