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Brain development is important for your child!

Keep your children’s spine clear and connected during the vital years of development.

90% of brain development happens before age 5 (Centre of the Developing Child, Harvard University).

Parents take their children to the chiropractor not only to make them feel better but to make them grow, develop and heal optimally. Kids love getting checked and adjusted because its gentle, non invasive and natural.

Dr. Angela Grove, chiropractor in Frederick MD, has been caring for infants, toddlers and students for 22 years. She has been certified in the Webster Technique from Dr. Jeanne Ohm and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She recently took a review course of Webster Technique with Dr. Jason Cherry in August 2022. Dr. Angela has cared for hundreds of pregnant women allowing them for more comfortable pregnancies, and easier labor and deliveries. By keeping the pregnant woman’s spine and pelvis aligned, the baby can grow and develop and be positioned ideally for delivery.

Infants and children also benefit from a healthy aligned spine. The stress of falls, sports, studying and computer use creates changes to the ideal position of spinal vertebra. Over time, looking down and poor posture stress joints, create poor muscular patterns and irritate nerves. If left unchecked, your child’s future health can be affected. 

Get your child’s spine aligned with a gentle chiropractic adjustment. Learn the importance of posture and create healthy spinal habits now.

Parents prefer chiropractic adjustments for kids over medications for pain. Learn about the benefits of chiropractic care for your child at Dancingspine Chiropractic in Frederick. #frederickmd #frederickchiropractor #urbanachiropractor #chiropractickids #backpainfrederick #frederickmdchiropractor