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Back to School at Dancingspine

So, the day has arrived. The day that makes you seriously think about the end of summer…today was the first day back at school for Frederick County Public Schools. School buses arrived and you and your children probably had to quickly jump back into the regular routine of school commutes and an early morning breakfast.

Dancingspine Chiropractic is working with teachers during the month.

It’s Back to School for Frederick County. FCPS teachers will get complimentary exams during August at Dancingspine Chiropractic.

Each month Dancingspine Chiropractic in Frederick honors special members of the community by offering complimentary chiropractic exams to people in the area who make a difference in the lives of others. This month all FCPS teachers and home school teachers will get examined at no charge (saving $50). It’s a great way to get the new school year off to a good start. The nerve system and spine are vital to well being because they control all aspects of healing, movement, organ function, energy and health. Be the best you can be this school year!

Please contact Dancingspine Chiropractic at (301) 660-7511 to schedule an appointment. Complimentary pre-consultations are also available for those who want to learn more about chiropractic, have questions or want to see if chiropractic is suitable for them or a family member.

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Dr. Angela Grove and Dancingspine Chiropractic were nominated as the ‘Best Chiropractor in Frederick’ in the Frederick News Post ‘Best of the Best’ competition. We are considered the chiropractor in Urbana, chiropractor in Brunswick, and chiropractor in Middletown areas of Frederick County.

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