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A Better Spine = Better Life

Dancingspine – Chiropractic care for more life

Life is health, vitality, energy, movement! Its important to maintain it through good life habits. Stretch, breathe, relax your mind and restore your body at, chiropractic for more life!

I focus on clearing out any restrictions to life in the spine through a chiropractic spinal check and adjustments. You can supplement your care with restorative and life enhancing movement classes aimed to stretch, strengthen, and maintain the chiropractic adjustment. We focus on enhancing what’s right within you, maintaining the health of the nerve system so you achieve your full health potential and life expression.

I work with all ages, individuals and groups, and can customize a chiropractic program that suits your goals and physical ability. My experience includes working with adults, seniors, children, toddlers,  businesses, corporate health days, school events, health exhibitions and one on one private sessions. I love working with whole families and watching pregnant moms and their little ones grow into strong healthy children and young adults. 

If you work with a group that wants to increase productivity, reduce sick days and boost energy and morale, then an in-house group talk or spinal check can be arranged at your business.

Skype consultations can also be arranged. Invite a friend on the Skype call if they have an interest in finding out more about the benefits of chiropractic care. Having a special “Health’ day in the office? Please call us and we can come to your business or event, or arrange a regular Skype meeting to employees motivated to improve health and combat bad posture habits.

We focus on correct alignment and will teach you how to stretch and develop better lifestyle health habits for life.

Dancingspine sessions are also available. These unique posture improving classes combine music, strengthening and stretching exercises based on principles of chiropractic alignment, anatomy, ballet, dance and yoga. You will feel revitalized and stretched while you improve posture and alignment patterns. We also aim to counter the effects of years of poor posture, computer, and sitting habits with movement, stretch, proper alignment and relaxation.

Renewed health, vitality, and life awaits you with Dancingspine chiropractic care.

Call Dr. Angela Grove, Chiropractor for more information and to arrange your session. 

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