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Many people experience an improvement in health and increased vitality at DancingSpine 
Chiropractic while under the care of Dr. Angela Grove. Please note that results vary according to each individual’s health history, past injuries and lifestyle habits. These examples or any information on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional or medical treatment.

I was suffering from tension headaches that could go on for days – after only a couple of adjustments, they seemed to disappear. Even when under stress, I didn’t succumb the way I would have done prior to treatment. – Ms. Sinead R.

Since I started coming to chiropractor treatment in 2007 not only has my original back injury improved, my body has been reinvigorated. I am more flexible and supple. I have far less minor ailments (like headaches or head colds) and I also feel that I sleep better. I only wish that I had come to get treatment earlier! – Mr. Jon S.

I had been suffering with chronic pain for months. My back was bad because of my prolonged sitting in an incorrect position. I also had weakness from an accident. In just two weeks I saw a great improvement in my condition thanks to the sessions with the chiropractor, Dr. Angela Grove. I could also sleep better as I had not been able to do so in ages. I know that this is only the start for me. – Dr. Marco O.

Health can be achieved with a clear nerve system

Chiropractic plays a big role in spinal health and wellness.

I have suffered from frequent headaches throughout my teenage years and my adult life. Since starting chiropractic care my headaches have decreased considerably. I am very grateful to Dr. Angela Grove, my chiropractor. – Ms. Rachel M.

I was losing power in my right arm, finding it hard to hold a pen or cut with a knife. My neck was always stiff. The problems culminated in losing all sensation in my right side while at the gym and I collapsed for a minute or so. Once it was clear that I had not had a stroke, I realized I had a problem that needed sorting. Dr. Grove’s office is near my home so I booked an assessment and a subsequent series of adjustments.
Now, with Dr. Angela Grove’s help, my neck is no longer painful, power is restored to my arm and my posture is improved. – Miss Kate D.

When I visited Dr. Angela Grove for the first time I could not really walk. I walked and just stood there unable to move on. Slowly my walking became better and after one year of treatment I seem to walk forever like before when was well.
My spine is faulty in two places I am told, but I know that it will be straightened out. Dr. Angela Grove is a wonderful practitioner who can make me well again. By the way, I am 88 years old. – Mrs. Nadia C.

I had pins and needles in my legs and the MRI scan showed that I had two damaged discs. The hospital wanted to operate on my back but it did not suit me to be off work for several months. After a few treatments from Dr. Grove, I now do not have any pins and needles. – Mr. Hugh E.

My symptoms before seeing Dr. Grove were a series of headaches, similar to migraine type headaches which could last for three days at a time. I was not happy about taking painkillers and thought I would see a chiropractor on the advice of a friend. I have seen Dr. Angela Grove over the past eight weeks and in that time I have had no reoccurring headaches. I have improved mobility in my neck which had been quite stiff and tense. I have found chiropractic care to be very helpful. – Mrs. Andrea W.

I didn’t know about chiropractors until my son told me. He had seen a chiropractor and got relief for his back back pain and back problems. I trusted his recommendation as he has a big interest in natural health and healing.
Now, I only wish I had visited Dr. Grove sooner. Anyone who does this type of work is a miracle worker. I was in so much pain that I could barely walk or move. Any relief was like heaven. I realized that my back problem had been there a long time but I only focused on my knee pain and had been battling cancer. Now I know that my poor spinal health might have been related to my other health problems.
I only wish I had gone to the chiropractor sooner! If you knew how much pain backs caused then you would take care of them! I’m 71 years old and I’d tell everyone to see Dr. Angela Grove if they could. You’ll regret it later if you don’t. – Mrs. Sheila H.

I had been getting adjustments from Dr. Grove for several weeks and referred my sister, who was visiting from out of town, to her clinic. My sister has three children, has a physically demanding job and is very stressed. She feared she had a right shoulder injury and her neck and upper back were so tense. After the first session, she was yawning because she felt more relaxed right away. She slept better that night and was so pleased she made the appointment. The adjustment made a big difference! – Mr. John C

Please note:  These examples should not be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment and/ or professional medical advice.

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