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You’ve Gotta See My Chiropractor!

★★★★★ “I was suffering from tension headaches that could go on for days – after only a couple of adjustments, they seemed to disappear. Even when under stress, I didn’t succumb the way I would have done prior to treatment.” – Sinead R.

★★★★★ “I have far less minor ailments (like headaches or head colds) and I also feel that I sleep better. I only wish that I had come to get treatment earlier!” – Jon S.

★★★★★ “I have suffered from frequent headaches throughout my teenage years and my adult life. Since starting chiropractic care my headaches have decreased considerably. I am very grateful to Dr. Angela Grove, my chiropractor.” – Rachel M.

★★★★★ “When I visited Dr. Angela Grove for the first time I could not really walk. I walked and just stood there unable to move on. Slowly my walking became better and after one year of treatment I seem to walk forever like before when was well.” – Nadia C.

★★★★★ “I had pins and needles in my legs and the MRI scan showed that I had two damaged discs. The hospital wanted to operate on my back but it did not suit me to be off work for several months. After a few treatments from Dr. Grove, I now do not have any pins and needles.” – Hugh E.


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $95

Ends 07/31/17

Meet Frederick Chiropractor Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela is a Frederick native and has been a chiropractor since 2000. She practiced in London, UK for 14 years before returning to her hometown to be closer to her family.

In her previous career as a professional ballet dancer, chiropractic care helped Dr. Angela perform her best. She is grateful for the many chiropractors who helped her stay well during her vigorous dance and athletic training. They taught her the importance of caring for your spine long term. She had such a positive experience that she chose to enter the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University.

Dr. Angela loves helping families achieve their best health and life potential through natural, hands on chiropractic. She cares for adults and children using full spine techniques. She even cares for pregnant women using the Webster Technique.

In her spare time, she loves the outdoors, hiking, gardening, reading, writing and yoga. She enjoys spending time with her family and Kitty, her cat.

Who Do We Help?


We take care of moms, dads and kids of all ages. Some start because of simple aches and pains – others because they want a more natural way of resolving their chronic health issues.

Poor posture is also a major concern. People realize that long hours spent driving or at the computer impact their necks, shoulders, spine and well being.

Because of this, many practice members choose regular wellness visits to counter the stress caused by poor posture.

  • Mom’s Health

  • Dad’s Health

  • Kids’ Health


What Should You Expect?

On your first visit, you’ll get to tell Dr. Angela about your health concerns – how it’s affecting your job, family, recreation… your whole Life.

You will learn about how chiropractic works to help your whole body function and how regular chiropractic check ups can increase your life potential. We’ll show you,

  • What’s wrong,
  • How we can fix it,
  • How long will it take and
  • How much will it cost.

Your visit may include visual posture checks, spinal palpation & range of motion exams as well as diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the actual cause of your complaints – Allow 30 minutes from start to finish.

google-reviews-link-underlined” I have had multiple neck adjustments by Angela in the past and have found myself feeling refreshed afterward…. I highly recommend her for you Chiropractic needs!” Click Here

Kristin Webb

“Was nervous of what was going on with me and in pain !!! Dr Angela Grove made me feel comfortable and relaxed .

Made me also understand what and why of what was going on felt relieved with understanding and what i needed to do to take care of myself. TY DR. ANGELA !!!” – read more

Raymond Parenti III


Drop in and get adjusted when it’s convenient for you.


Get the care you need for an affordable monthly fee.


Tailored care for moms, dads and kids of all ages!


We provide pure, unadulterated ChiropracTIC!

Frequently Asked Questions


Good things to know before you come in.

What about insurance?

Most clients (especially with Obamacare plans) discover our fees are much lower than their contracted costs.

You can start saving now by booking a $47 New Patient Visit (normally $95).

What are your normal fees?

First visit fees are $95 (includes consult, exam and first adjustment). Follow up office visits are $45.

If you’re looking for affordable wellness care for your whole family, ask about our membership plans for more savings.

Who will work on me?

Dr. Angela has been a Chiropractor since 2000. She will manage and provide all aspects of your care.

He employs no other associates so you’re guaranteed to get Dr. Angela’s hands every time you drop in for an adjustment.

Read more about Dr. Angela here

Can I get adjusted on Day 1?

YES! If we clearly understand your spinal condition and can safely adjust you, well gladly do so on your first visit – why wait to start the healing process?

Why no appointments?

Our regular clients don’t make appointments. They know their recommendations and simply drop in for adjustments when it’s convenient for them.

You’ll appreciate not having to schedule your life around doctors visits. We have morning, afternoon and evening Walk-In Hours throughout the week for your convenience… and feel free to bring the kids!

What’s a regular visit like?

When you become a regular client, you’ll be seen on a first come first serve basis. Because you don’t need an appointment, you can easily fit in a quick visit when you want.

At their busiest, you’ll never wait longer than 10 minutes to see the doctor. They’re always aware and respectful of your valuable time.

Do you push vitamins?

No, we don’t push supplements, we don’t sell pillows and we don’t do adjunctive therapies. We just do Chiropractic – because it works!

Will I have to come forever?

It’s true, we have clients who come regularly because they understand the benefits of having a clear Nerve System, but we don’t FORCE them to do so.

We’ll show you the finest Chiropractic care available, you get to choose how much of it you want in your life.

“The only thing that can heal your body is the Power that created it.” – Dr. Angela

Accepting New Patients!

“If you’re still on the fence, schedule a special New Patient Visit and let’s talk. No obligations, no commitments. We guarantee you’ll love how our practice works.” – Dr. Angela


*Includes Consult, Exam & Adjustment • Reg $95

Ends 07/31/17


  • Monday 3-6
  • Tuesday 11-1, 3-6
  • Wednesday 3-6
  • Thursday 11-1, 3-5
  • Friday By Appointment
  • Saturday By Appointment

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