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Chiropractic’s True Purpose

Many people ask me about the history of chiropractic. Did you know that chiropractic was not originally known as a treatment for back ache or back pain? When chiropractic was discovered in 1895 and later developed, the intention was to locate and correct vertebral subluxations for life

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How long do I need to see the chiropractor?

Do I need to see a Chiropractor forever? This is a frequently asked question. The answer is simple. Its your choice. Seeing a chiropractor is a healthy lifestyle habit. You can stop at anytime just like you can stop eating a good diet, or exercising. Our vision

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Healing for Life

 Well Adjusted for Life “Healing is not just the removal of symptoms, it is the return to life and the living of it.” ~ Dr. Ian, Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic, Australia I saw a powerful video recently about a 17 year old young man who injured his spine

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The fruits (and veg) of summer!

 The fruits (and veg) of summer! Summer is now in full swing. Bountiful gardens and orchards full of fresh fruit and produce await to fill our plates. I’m personally very excited about my tomatoes and spinach which have been growing so well in my modest garden! But

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May there be light!

 May there be light! We welcome the month of May, a month of growth and light as Spring continues to blossom. May has long been one of my favorite months for a few reasons, One reason is the obvious growth and awakening that we see in nature.

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Spring to Life!

Spring to Life!     Winter blues and cold soon changes to bright, cheerful Spring days. Seasonal change is a universal principle, just like gravity, it happens. We are fortunate that this is pleasant season; one that’s warm, bright, and full of color. The growth that we

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Living in Full Expression = LIFE

Living in Full Expression   We have experienced some big changes lately, particularly in the weather! Its amazing how we can go from -18 to 60 degrees so quickly! What a welcome change! Our bodies, on the other hand,  may not experience such quick and drastic changes.

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March on to New Life

 March on to New Life Hooray, March has arrived and spring will soon be in the air! We soon will welcome spring flowers as the winter thaws and the earth awakens with new life.For many of us, spring truly is a time of new life. Did you

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Loving, Serving and Giving

LOVING, SERVING, GIVING        FEBRUARY As we welcome the month of February, we can’t help but think about Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love and romance. Most of us primarily think about surprising loved ones with roses and chocolates, but we can also think

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Welcome Healthy New Year!

Welcome to a healthy 2015! As the holiday celebrations pass, and we prepare for a new year, let’s focus on positive change and be grateful for all our blessings of the past year. It’s time for a new start, and with that usually comes a lot of

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